When planning a corporate event, you want the experience to be educational yet enjoyable for your guests. Achieving the perfect balance of both those things isn’t as hard as it seems upon first glance. Here are just a couple of useful tips to help ensure your next corporate event is an unforgettable one.

Pick the Right Speakers

Picking the right speaker can be challenging, but it doesn’t happen overnight. Before you start searching, make a list of potential candidates, watch videos they might have posted online, or see them in person if you can. Whether you have one or multiple guest speakers, their inclusion is often a big draw for guests. That’s why it’s so important to invest in the right speaker.

Once you have your speaker(s) picked out, be sure to share any and all relevant information with them, including the goals of your event, potential topics, and who the audience is.

Invest in Extra Activities

Extra activities are a must. Not only do they help keep guests motivated by giving them a quick break, but they can also help them start to think outside of the box. A good example of this is an afternoon yoga session, designed to help guests rejuvenate and get a move on after a long day of sitting. This can also help get the blood pumping again, making guests feel ready to think about topics from a new angle.

Get creative with these sessions and in the end, the results will be much better. FLIK’s M.O.V.E. Meetings provide a fun, easy way to do to just that. These meetings provide guests with an opportunity to reenergize through exercise and nutritional food options. Take advantage of this opportunity at applicable locations such as Kellogg Conference Hotel at Gallaudet.

Location, Location, Location

Location matters when it comes to planning an event. Figure out which state works best for you, your attendees, and your meeting agenda. Travel expenses and travel time can be a huge factor in whether or not people want to invest the time into coming for an event. If it seems like too much of a hassle, they might opt not to come.

We have hotels across the country, giving you plenty of options to choose from. Whether you need a hotel in DC, Virginia, or more, FLIK Mid Atlantic has got you covered.

Another important thing to take into account is the venue you select. It’s not enough just to house your guests, you need to give them something more. For example, a hotel that
doesn’t offer Wi-Fi isn’t the best option for meetings these days. Whether the Wi-Fi is free for guests or something you’ll have to pay for yourself beforehand is something you’ll have to investigate. Are the rooms big enough to house your guests? Is there good phone service for most providers? All these questions are ones you should seek out before selecting a venue.

Stay Organized

Keeping organized is imperative when it comes to planning an event. This means you will have to keep the channels of communication wide open to prepare for every

Communicate with your attendees by giving them agendas, letting them know what to expect from the event, and giving them time to prepare questions. Stay on top of what you need from the event beforehand and tell the staff of the venue, so they have ample time to prepare. Running around last minute simply won’t cut it when it comes to event planning.

Pick the Right Dining Options

Picking the menu for any occasion is one of the most stressful parts of planning an event. Everyone has different tastes, allergies to take into account, and more. It’s a good idea beforehand to give guests the option of selecting what food they want. That way, you can also get a feel for what types of food people want and more importantly, for which allergies you need to provide an accommodation.

Luckily, when you stay at a FLIK hotel, you have lots of delicious options to choose from. Our ingredients are fresh, and our recipes are hand crafted by the experts, packing a powerful taste in every bite.

If you’re interested in taking your event to the next level, choose any of our FLIK Mid-Atlantic hotels. Our M.O.V.E. Meetings and tasty FLIK dishes are sure to please the crowd.